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Submissions are now closed.


Submission to the open call are open through 16 June – 16 July 2020.

All submissions are due by 16 July 2020, at 11:50 PM ET.

The finalists will be announced around early August 2020.


Idea categories:

We have four categories for submitting ideas to this open call. You can submit as many ideas as you like, to one or more of the following categories:

  1. Public health campaign – How might we make the (virtual and physical) campus safe while continuing the things you are passionate about? This could be a public health COVID-19 campaign for a specific group of students, for the entire university, or for the broader Triangle student community – your choice.  This could include digital hashtags/slogans, images for masks or posters, or viral videos.
  2. Inclusive digital dialogue – How might we create a more effective bidirectional digital dialogue within and between our university groups?  This could be a plan for a mobile phone application, a website, or another digital platform.
  3. Collective action – How might we draw on our collective strengths to translate voices into action? The end-goal should be a more safe and equitable Carolina community. We are particularly interested in voices from students, staff, faculty, and local residents.
  4. Re-thinking safety – What are ways of creating and maintaining safety that are respectful and anti-racist? We are especially interested to hear ideas related to adherence of community safety standards.


Submission file formats:

Please submit your idea(s) using the following guidelines:

  1. Public health campaign – Campaign contributions can include text (1 page PDF), images (2 MB), and/or video (3 minutes). A single campaign can integrate one or all of these elements as they wish.
  2. Inclusive digital dialogue – Submit a description of your plan in text (2 page PDF). Each plan should have key features, resources, and information that would be most relevant for the community as a whole. Think carefully about privacy and inclusivity.
  3. Collective action – Each collective action plan should be succinct. Again, contribution formats include text (2 page PDF), images (2 MB), and/or video (3 minutes). Think carefully about the limits and opportunities of the COVID-19 world.
  4. Re-thinking safety – Submit a description of your safety strategy in text (1 page PDF). Consider practical applications in your strategy.


The end goal of these outputs is meant to make the UNC community more safe, inclusive, and engaging.