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We are delighted to announce the results from our Carolina Collective open call on the fall UNC semester! We received 82 submissions from 110 people. All submissions were assessed for eligibility by three independent individuals; five independent individuals then evaluated all eligible submissions for their potential impact on the safety and well-being of the university community, innovation, feasibility, and inclusivity. A ranked list of all submissions was discussed by the steering committee who decided the final prize structure in accordance with our pre-specified plan.

Find below some of our fantastic finalist and runner-up submissions. These ideas were identified by our judges and steering committee as exceptional. We encourage you to check out these exciting ideas and learn more about them. Further consideration of potential implementation at UNC is already underway. We would also like to send out a big thank you to our volunteer organizing committee, judging team, steering committee, and others who contributed to this effort. We are grateful for your commitment to a healthy and safe fall semester.

Watch this space for more updates during the next few weeks! Thanks again to all who participated.


Suzanne Day and Joe Tucker on behalf of the Carolina Collective





  • #UNChero: A Virtual Public Health Campaign

    About: In this new reality, it is imperative that we create a space where social and physical spaces promote a healthy, safe, and equitable collegiate way of life. The goal of the #UNChero public health and social media campaign is … Read more

  • Bringing StepNpull to UNC

    About: With public health and safety at the forefront of Tar Heel minds, I present this simple yet powerful campaign to promote a healthier campus: a campaign to bring StepNpull to UNC. StepNpull is a foot-operated door opener marketed as … Read more

  • Carolina COVID App

    About:  The goal of this project was to find a way to get the UNC community digitally engaged with COVID news. I decided that developing an app would be the best way forward as almost everyone has a phone. This … Read more

  • Carolina Peer Support Core

    About: Peer and mutual support are evidence-based strategies that can help people cope with stress, fear, and other impacts of COVID-19. These impacts will continue among students, faculty, and staff this academic year, and, importantly, beyond as we all deal … Read more

  • Kognito Virtual Training for Supporting Our Campus’s Mental Health

    About: Kognito is a 45-minute web-based, interactive simulation training that is available to the entire campus. There is one program for faculty and staff and another program for students. Objectives are: (1) to increase knowledge and awareness about mental health … Read more

  • Promoting Inclusive Digital Dialogue Through Collective Action

    About: The current generation of students at campuses across the country, like UNC-Chapel Hill, are simultaneously battling the pandemics of racism and COVID-19, while attending classes. We want to provide these students with the tools they need to combat these … Read more

  • QUVI

    About:  As college students, we know it’s hard and often impossible to properly clean your water bottle, especially without access to a dishwasher. In surveying over 250 UNC students, we found that while 95% of UNC students have reusable water … Read more

  • Remote Solutions for Remote Learning

    About: Our Public Health Campaign was designed to help continue fostering an inclusive and safe Carolina environment during these unprecedented times. This community has nurtured us as students these past couple years and we wanted to help make the community … Read more

  • Route It: A Proposed Solution to Encourage Accessible Transit

    About: The Fall 2020 Roadmap gives guidelines that limit each Chapel Hill Transit bus to a capacity of 10 people. From our experiences as UNC students, the Chapel Hill Transit buses were frequently at capacity, if not overcrowded, at all … Read more

  • Strengthening Our Campus Food Insecurity Response During COVID-19

    About: Finding healthy meals can be difficult for college students – 25% of UNC undergrads were found to be food insecure in 2019. With the pandemic and job losses, this issue could worsen. To address this, UNC should first raise … Read more


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