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Covid-19 has made clear the necessity for virtual education options that can simulate or even augment a classroom environment rather than serving as a cheap and ill-fitting replacement. Although we all hope that the age of Covid will pass soon, the Immersive Learning Collective (ILC) seeks to address this necessity by providing teachers and students with the knowledge, resources, and community to create immersive VR/AR learning experiences. First, we will produce and disseminate an interactive “toolkit” that will teach basic literacy in immersive learning methodologies and their application in order to build with the VR/AR platforms WondaVR and MozillaHubs. Next, we will invite all interested students and faculty to participate in a competition, submitting their own demo experiences. The winners of this competition will receive funding to pay for the further curation of their project into a full-fledged learning experience (i.e. a topics lesson or a workshop). Finally, all demo creations will be added to an ever-growing collection of Immersive Experiences as part of the ILC network of students, teachers, and other creators. Altogether, these three phases will serve to create a digital dialogue, facilitate collective action among UNC creators, and overall make online UNC classes more viable and engaging in the long term. Even when the age of Covid does indeed pass, the ILC will continue to offer much greater accessibility to those who are otherwise unable to take full advantage of in-person education.



Lucia Binotti: Professor of Spanish and Digital Humanities. Phillip Register: Undergrad Ancient/Medieval History major concentrating in Roman Mediterranean. Merve Rida Bayraktar: Undergrad Computer Science (B.S.) and Studio Arts Minor. Robbie Tillman: Undergrad Computer Science major and Business Administration Minor. Sutton Cavalchire: Undergrad Advertising and Public Relations major and Hispanic Literatures and Cultures Major.


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