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Graduate students are often isolated in their projects, labs, and cohorts due to the individual nature of graduate projects. This can be detrimental to the success of the student since an imbalance between work and non-work life can lead to lower productivity. By providing a digital space where students can interact with other students outside the research setting, GradMinds creates a healthier and more balanced graduate student life while also fostering interactions between students of different educational backgrounds. The goal of GradMinds is to foster an environment where peer networking and interactions between graduate students of all levels and backgrounds is encouraged and facilitated. We are focused on improving peer-to-peer networking, resource sharing, accessibility, and connecting students to tools for their success. 



Laetitia Meyrueix — Ph.D. Candidate at the Gillings School of Global Public Health. Dina Yamaleyeva — Ph.D. Candidate at the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering


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Contact Person:

Laetitia Meyrueix (



Laetitia Meyrueix — Twitter account: @lmeyrueix4 & Linkedin:

Dina Yamaleyeva — LinkedIn:


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