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The E. C. H. O. Tour is a digital experience used to educate various groups about the history of UNC. An extension of the Black and Blue tour, this interactive map takes the viewer around the university, highlighting key places, people, and events, without needing to step foot on campus. Accessible by any computer or smartphone, this educational resource allows accommodations for people who cannot make it to campus. The tour also gives the public an honest and complete picture of the university’s history. Race is inextricably tied to both the past and present of UNC-Chapel Hill, through buildings, events, funding, and much more. For students of color, knowing that their history is uplifted affords them psychological and physical safety on campus. The resources used to build our platform have already been collected by the University in its historical archives. While UNC has provided the necessary content, our platform allow the community to engage with it in a transformative way. The E. C. H. O. Tour will include layers of interactive maps providing an aerial view of UNC, the ability to be used for many age groups, and an augmented reality aspect. The layers contextualize UNC’s history, while also exemplifying how student movements are the driving force behind change. By clicking buildings it zooms down into the street view, virtually learning about UNC’s lesser-known history. The AR aspect makes it more accessible for those unable to come to campus due to: mobility differences, work or school, or COVID regulations.



E. Reis Phillips – UNC Student at the Hussman School of Journalism. Marley Davis-Martin – UNC Student at the Kenan-Flagler Business School and Hussman School of Journalism. Marilyn Boutté – UNC Student Majoring in Public Policy and Sociology


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E. Reis Phillips – @reis_not_rice (insta); Marley Davis-Martin – @marley.martin (insta); Marilyn Boutté – @marilynboutte (insta)


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