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Our Public Health Campaign was designed to help continue fostering an inclusive and safe Carolina environment during these unprecedented times. This community has nurtured us as students these past couple years and we wanted to help make the community safer in these tough times. Through our submission, we designed programs that maximize efficiency while maintaining community standards exposure to help on-campus residents. Using various apps, websites, and remote services, residents have access to essential services without worrying about exposure.



Danyal Ansari, UNC Class of 2021, Biology B.A. and Neuroscience Minor. Dalal Azzam, UNC Class of 2022, Biochemistry B.S., Neuroscience B.S. Ihsan Yuksel, UNC Class of 2022, Biology B.S., Neuroscience Minor, and Islamic Studies Minor


Interested in receiving assistance from: 

Students  Faculty  Staff


Contact Person:

Danyal Ansari (



Instagram Danyal: @danuchachu; Dalal: @dalal_azzam; Ihsan: @ihsanyuksel_


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