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 As college students, we know it’s hard and often impossible to properly clean your water bottle, especially without access to a dishwasher. In surveying over 250 UNC students, we found that while 95% of UNC students have reusable water bottles, 65% do not clean their bottles regularly. That means more sick days and fewer productive days. We’ve created a convenient and effective solution: QUVI. QUVI is the world’s first sanitization device that can sanitize the interior, exterior, and water inside of any reusable water bottle by using UV-C light. In just 90 seconds, the device’s powerful UV-C technology can disinfect your reusable water bottle, eliminating harmful pathogens and viruses, including COVID-19. With QUVI next to every water fountain across campus, from gyms to dorms, you will be able to keep yourself and other students safe. 96% of UNC students surveyed have already stated that they want QUVI to sanitize their water bottle and keep themselves safe. A product like QUVI can increase convenience and accessibility, and more importantly, help keep students safe during the pandemic. So join us in making campus a safer place, one QUVI at a time.



Harshul Makwana – UNC Sophomore Student, pursuing Computer Science & Business. Kush Jain – UNC Sophomore Student, pursuing Business. Alekhya Majety – UNC Sophomore Student, pursuing Neuroscience. Sarah Plasky – UNC Kenan-Flagler Center for Entrepreneurial Studies Adams Apprenticeship Coach. Velvet Nelson – UNC ESHIP Center and Program Director of Launch Chapel Hill. Tim Flood – Clinical Associate Professor of Management and Corporate Communication


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