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Humans are social creatures with fundamental needs to come together face-to-face—or at least mask-to-mask. Our campus community cannot remain in isolation for the months or years it will take to develop, test, and widely disseminate an effective vaccine; we need to find ways to come together safer, sooner. The NOVID contact tracing app provides an innovative, feasible, inclusive, and impactful way to do this now. If adopted by UNC, the app would allow us to engage with one another when risks are low, avoid one another when risks are high, and use sound, anonymous information to know the difference. Ultimately, adopting NOVID would put UNC in a position to be a leader of COVID-19 public health practice.



Nora Rosenberg – UNC Assistant Professor at Gillings School of Global Public Health. Sophie Cho – UNC Student at the College of Arts and Sciences


Interested in receiving assistance from: 

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Nora Rosenberg (



Sophie Cho Instagram – @sophiecho

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NOVID Project Instagram- @novidunc

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