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Kognito is a 45-minute web-based, interactive simulation training that is available to the entire campus. There is one program for faculty and staff and another program for students. Objectives are: (1) to increase knowledge and awareness about mental health and suicidality; (2) to identify warning signs of psychological distress; (3) to build skills in how to lead conversations with students in distress; (4) to assess the need for referral, motivate to seek help, and make a warm hand-off to support and (5) to understand our school’s specific support services. Kognito is an evidence-based health simulation listed in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. Both programs result in statistically significant improvements in mental health skills and successful referral to mental health services (44% increase for faculty and staff program; 50% increase for student program); gains remain at 3 month follow up.



Anna Lock, PsyD; CAPS Staff Psychologist. Allen O’Barr, MD; CAPS Director. Avery Cook, LCSW; CAPS Associate Director


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Anna Lock, Psy.D (

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