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With public health and safety at the forefront of Tar Heel minds, I present this simple yet powerful campaign to promote a healthier campus: a campaign to bring StepNpull to UNC. StepNpull is a foot-operated door opener marketed as “the final step in sanitation,” geared to facilitate touch-free restrooms and public spaces. Corononavirus- and influenza-laden droplets can linger on surfaces for a number of hours to several days; the installation of StepNpulls on the doors of our dining halls, libraries, and academic buildings would greatly diminish the transmission of respiratory droplets from door handles to hands. The StepNpull is sturdy, easy to install on any latch-less door, and ADA-compliant. StepNpull already counts dozens of major US universities and numerous Fortune 500 companies among their customers. I believe that UNC should be the next to make a step in the direction of a safer, touch-free campus.



Jack Cicin – UNC Student Majoring in Biology, Pre-Medical Intent


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Jack Cicin (



Instagram: jack_cicin


Twitter: @JCicin


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